by Veronika B

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In this busy world it’s rare to find simplicity. Simple people are so easy going and so nice to be around. It’s wonderful to spend time with simple people. No one is showing off what kind of car they drive or what brand of clothing they are wearing. They are down to earth and easy to talk to. They are very hospitable and are not afraid of serving people. They can serve you rice and beans and it will be the most amazing meal you ever had. They are not afraid of not having a newly remodeled-bathroom, they can serve you a warm meal in the midst of building their homes while cooking outside with dust and flies.

It is hard to be around complex people. When you feel like you have to be someone your not to be accepted.

Simple people are usually patient, relaxed, and present in the moment. They focus on the person they are speaking to and truly respect them, no matter who they are or what they have done.

Simple people are honest. First to themselves, then to others. They are not afraid to speak about their failures or hardships. They embrace life. They tell you how it is. They don’t overcomplicate things. It’s interesting to be around them because you can ACTUALLY relate to them.

Simple people are often assumed for being dumb, slow,  inconsiderate, or lazy, when in fact the opposite is true. Being straightforward is sometimes mistaken for being rude. They will tell you how they feel without having fear of what people will think or say. Simple people have come to an understanding about the world and others, their experience freed them to live and walk with inner peace. They are considerate, compassionate, and understanding. They know their ultimate purpose in life.

Simple people are genuine. They actually mean what they say. An honest person tells the truth, but a genuine person speaks carefully and thoughtfully, sharing truths in a way that still prioritizes the needs of others. They are good at constructive criticism and are kind when they do so.

Simple people are great communicators. They don’t like to beat around the bush but clearly explain their point of view or their need. Clear communications is what our relationships thrive on. They don’t want to waste your time or theirs.

Simple people are extremely generous. They understand that the world is not just about possessions but about priorities. They are super giving with their time, energy, talents, and resources. They would give you their shirt of their back if they knew you needed it. They will help you resolve an issue, helping bounce ideas off each other. They realize the importance of giving. Their help and/or ideas bring clarity and peace of mind to others.

Simple people are optimists. They try to help others see the good around them, focusing on the positives and pointing towards goodness as reasons to keep living and striving. They realize there is always negativity, but working around. They learned to not camp out in negativity but jumping over. They seek to leave the world a better place.

Simple people are grateful. They are especially grateful for the moments and experiences they have. For the community around them. They practice finding opportunities in every day life to be grateful. They know that every person has their own struggles and do the best they can.

Simple people are minimalists. They don’t need a lot to be fulfilled. They find joy in the simple things. A simple persons home is not packed with stuff they might use “someday”. They house is FULL of items that brings them joy. They keep a healthy balance of what they love and what they need.

Final thoughts: Jesus was a simple man with a simple life. He never spoke of things He had or His own qualities. Jesus always spoke the truth, even though a lot of people despised Him for it. He helped a lot of people in the Bible even when He was not supposed to. He is genuinely here for us. Jesus is forgiving and loving.

May GOD bless you.

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