White Trash

by Veronika B

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Dear Mr and Mrs Pearl,

First off I wanted to let you know that I have been following you guys for about 5 years now. Your marriage books have really helped my marriage. Praise God that He uses you, your family, and your ministry to help people like me and my family.

My husband Phil and I are married for only 8 years, but we have been through a lot. All praise be to God that He saved my marriage and it’s now better than ever. Through all of our hard moments, our fights, our troubles, there were always  opportunities to see God and grow in our faith. He was teaching Phil how to be a leader and teaching me how to be a submissive godly women.  Phil is a visionary (you know what that means :). Our life has been very fun and adventurous. We have 3 kids. Lucy 6 years old, Arsseniy 4 and Baby Eve 11 months. We started with our homeschool journey this year as well.

When I received my November- December 2021 NGJ magazine, my husband and I were traveling in the car for 6 hours taking our household belonging from our city rented house to our 20 acre lot in the “HILLS” (rural mountain lot). I took the magazine with me to read on our trip.

When we read ’50 years and we still do!’ we could not stop laughing. We saw ourselves in that story so much. Right this very moment we are moving to the hills, right before winter too. Our plan is to build a small cabin as well, but for now we placed out remodeled 1972 streamline trailer as our temporary  tiny home. You can see our trailer renovation at wife2wifeblog.com.  After reading that story, we now call ourselves “white trash”. We don’t have a bathtub either 🙂 for now. It was also interesting for us to see how many smart and good people live up on our mountain. People that speak our language. From the way we parent, to the way we live and think.

Phil had me quit my dental assisting job the 1st year of marriage because he knew he wanted his wife to be a stay at home wife/mom. It was definitely a leap of faith for us because I was making more money than him. He is an entrepreneur, he can do anything and everything as long as he has the desire with a little bit of change in his pocket. I call him jack of all trades, he can do construction, weld, auto body, woodwork and so much more. He cannot work for a boss with 9-5 work hours.

His vision for life is to drive a tractor and have a small homestead where we can grow our own food, have our own animals and be outside the city. Oh and also help others, people around us, our community. We have praying about this dream for 5 years. God has come through and we still have obstacles and unsureness from time to time but He still reveals himself in every situation and assures us that He is with us on this new journey.

We are not attached to this property at all, we are free spirits. It might be a temporary place for us or it might be our forever place for our kids and grandkids. We will see what God has planned for us.

So to sum this up, as of 8 years of marriage we are now moving to the hills. Who knows where we will be in 42 more years. But I’m sure it will be just as exciting. Thank you for sharing your story, we found it really relatable. Pray BIG, Dream BIG, Enjoy the ride because God will deliver!! Happy anniversary.

Phil and Veronika

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Valentina May 25, 2023 - 12:13 am

Love it! The title threw me off lol.

Veronika B May 25, 2023 - 3:46 pm

ha ha oh right, my catchy title 🙂


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