Delivering our trailer to our land

by Veronika B

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Ahh delivering the trailer to our land. It was a stressful thought, but as always God came through and showed us His mighty hand. We had no issues. It was a smooth ride, you can’t even feel the trailer behind the car. And we got to live in it for 1 week. The last week of summer sadly. It was a good time, we rode our tractor, worked the land, went fishing, and took long walks. We made our first few meals. Steaks with potatoes, rice and beans, pancakes, and more.

Found Wild rose hip bush and made tea 🙂 It was so delicious. Kids loved picking the rose hip and bringing them to me. Rose hip tea is very beneficial. It’s rich in antioxidants, boosts immune system, reduces pain and inflammations. It has a slight floral taste with a distinct tartness. I add chamomile and honey to enhance flavors.  We saw bears, deer, wild turkey, wild mustangs and so much more. We even got to pet the wild mustangs and feed them some carrots. I will take pictures of them next time. The trailer is not fully done. We will be working on it on the land and I will keep posting our progress.

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