Installing a Tiny Wood Stove in a Travel Trailer

by Veronika B

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Our wood stove experience.

When we got our mini wood stove in the mail, we were shocked how tiny it was. It was literatly doll house size. We risked installing it in the trailer anyways. We did a wall exit instead of a roof exit (which was a mistake keep reading). 

Right away we started looking into more options and found a guy in Portland, Oregon that makes wood stoves. We called him and ordered one for our trailer. Its not too big and not too small. It had a water tank attached on the side to warm up water with your wood instead of turning on propane. You can use that hot water for washing the dishes, washing your face, or even taking a shower. It also had a cage on top of the wood stove for rocks. Rocks retain heat for a longer periods of time. 

With that wood stove we did the same wall exit. That didn’t work well for us either. We had the same issues. 

Since its a trailer, our vertical length could be so much before we can install the 90 degrees elbow and then another 90 degrees elbow on the outside. Therefore it really messed up the draft.

One of our friends told us about a company, Tiny Wood Stoves in Idaho for chimney parts. We looked into it and decided to buy pipe and chimney parts from them.

Opening up the package from Tiny Wood Stove in our tiny house.

When we got our parts from tiny wood stove, we were really impressed. It was so durable, and such a great quality. The single wall is made from a thicker material and powder coated. They have thought out every piece that you would need from start to finish with the install. You don’t have to look for parts elsewhere. It is also very esthetically pleasing.

Once we have educated ourselves more about how to install and about specific parts, we now have a really good system set up that works great for us. After a few months of burning it with the roof exit we have noticed that we have no creosote in the flue. All of the logs burn completely to ash with no chunks. We have very little ash leftover.

Why should you install a wood stove in a trailer for off grid life

-wood is cheaper than propane

-you can go to the forest and find old dry wood instead of cutting down a new tree. This way the forest gets cleaned as well. 

-the dry heat will prevent condensation (propane actually makes more condensation)

-much more heat and a better warmth than any other heat

Here is how we installed our wood stove in the trailer

  1. On the wall and on the floor place hardy cement board
  2. On the walls add corrugated metal
  3. On the floor add 1/4 inch aluminum plate
  4. Place the wood stove on the aluminum plate and screw down to the floor
  5. 4 in clamp
  6. 4 inch flue
  7. 4 inch clamp
  8. Single to double adapter
  9. double wall clamp
  10. double wall insulated pipe
  11. roof mounting bracket
  12. silicone pipe boot
  13. double wall clamp
  14. roof vent
  15. interior trim plate

Tiny Wood Stove Company

They have kits ready for installation for either trailer or tiny houses with directions! Very helpful and easy to read and follow.  They also sell all the parts individually. have 3,4,5 inch flue sizes. They also have a tiny wood stove for sale!


This picture credit goes to tiny wood stove.

This is our set up now and its been working AMAZING!


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We have been loving the eco fan and highly recommend for wood stove tops. They don’t require batteries, it works from the heat!

Eco heat fan.

What kind of wood stove did you or are you planning to install in your RV?

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