3 Things NOT To Do When Your In Debt and Moving Off Grid

by Veronika B

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Are you preparing to move off grid?

When you’re moving off grid, it can feel overwhelming. There is so much to learn. Even if you read every off grid book out there until you experience off grid life yourself you won’t really know how it is. Find out 3 reasons why not to move off grid when you are in debt. 

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When we moved off grid we didn’t know a lot of things. Even if your read and watch others it’s not the same until you go through it yourself. We didn’t have much debt when we moved off grid but we had some. We noticed from our experience it’s important not to put yourself into more debt when you’re moving off grid. You need a lot of upfront costs which can feel overwhelming. Be aware of your ideas because you can throw all your money into them and then be in more debt. Let’s say you decide you need a generator. Before you make a quick purchase, wait for 24 hours and dwell on it. If in 24 hours you still think you need it, then go ahead and purchase it. Take this advise into every purchase. You notice how some purchases just fall away, we call them impulse buys.

1. Start Small

Make sure you get out debt before you start building anything big. Start small like a tiny house. The time will help you get assessment of your abilities and inabilities. You will learn so much from building a tiny house and with that knowledge you can move on to build bigger and better if you decide you need to.  Over time a lot of plans change. You will see more of a  clear picture of what you actually need not just want. 


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2. Start Slow

Don’t buy livestock in your first year. If you really want livestock just start with one kind of animal. Our advice is start with chickens only for the first year. Read our homesteading experience here. Before you buy the birds, build the coop first. We made the mistake of buying the chicks first. In the first year you will understand if you are a livestock person or are you more into planting and growing? You will find more of yourself this way. 

3. Forget the Baggage

Get rid of everything unneeded. When we moved out we had a couch and some other nice furniture pieces that we wanted to save for our future house. Regrettably we ended up putting it in a storage unit. Keep only what you are using and need. You will soon realize how little stuff you actually need. All of the things you thought were so important in your city life, can be of no use when you are off grid, I mentioned a few things on my From City to Off Grid post.


Be prepared, be slow to spend, and don’t waste your energy on things that can be done later down the road. Don’t be overwhelmed. Take one day at a time. You got this! We have 3 littles so if we can do it, you can do it!

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