‘Sky House”

by Veronika B

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It has been a busy time in our lives. Being on the land, watching snow quickly melting, and spring bringing life back. Beautiful blue birds praising God on a beautiful crisp sunny morning. I can’t help but smile as I watch Jazzy trying to play with a honeybee.

I am beyond grateful. Our days are full of God’s mercy. Just being able to go take a hike, to see the beautiful sunsets, to witness the amazing stars. It all brings meaning to our life. We become fulfilled.

As much as we enjoying exploring, we have been building as well. Originally we started out building a shed. Now we call it the ‘sky house’. It’s a tiny sky color house, that we have decided to put to good use. Bringing a cup of coffee to my working husband was my job 🙂

This was a great learning experience and we are ready for a bigger project 🙂 wink wink

Jazzy and her dad.

Moose bones.

Hauling doors, wood, etc.

The open Skys are amazing there.

We have been seeing God’s hand in every step. When we first drove out to our land, we couldn’t even drive up to our lot, there was no road. And one year later, we can sleep normally, we can eat, play, build. Living and building off grid has been a wonderful adventure. Definitely harder than typical city life, but so worth it. You can’t just turn a knob on the wall and warm up, you have to work for your heat. Chop down logs, make firewood, bring it to your house, start a fire, and then warm up.


Delivering our trailer to our land: Read how we got our trailer to the land.

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