Home sweet home

by Veronika B

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Why did we come back?

We decided to come back from our trailer to our home because the trailer was WAY too small for our “large” family of 5.  If it was just my husband and I, we would have stayed, but there are 3 small kids involved. As much as we wanted to stay we had to think about them. Kids did not want to leave and to this day keep asking us to go back to our land. They loved it so much, the snow, sledding, our new friends, freedom, playing outside all day and so much more. 🙂

This does not mean we are giving up. We will still be going back and using our trailer as a getaway for now and building a cabin once spring comes. Our place on the mountain has so many amazing things about it especially our neighbors. We met such wonderful people. Their mentally is completely different from the city people and we had a great bond. Without them there, our land would be so lonely. Whenever we felt discourage, they were always there to encourage. When we had fear, God used them to give us peace.

One family, we became good friends with. We were shocked at how simple they were. They showed us great hospitality. Every time we came over, they always fed us a super tasty hot dinner. They were there to listen to us and throw out some ideas. Our understanding about life coincided which is so hard to find now a-days.

Another family we got to know. Such wonderful, full of life family. Always happy and grateful.  They love the Lord and serve others. They helped us greatly and we appreciate them so much.

We got our same house back, we texted our landlord right in time. We see Gods hand in everything, and are so grateful for this house. Everything happens for a reason. We got a lot out of this experience though. We always dreamed of a trailer life and we got to try it, but realized its a bit too late with kiddos. Putting that check mark on our trailer dream was a success even for a short period of time and now we are looking forward to our next dream of building a big enough cabin for our family. Our life is no longer about us, it’s about kids. We are looking forward to spring and summer and all the new seasons of our life.

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