Does Living Off Grid Really Offer More Freedom?

by Veronika B

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Are you in a search of gaining freedom? Do you want financial freedom? Are you interested in more free time or more time to travel? My family has been on a search for every kind of freedom for years and until we moved off grid it was a lot harder to achieve. Once we moved off grid, doors started to open, certain doors started to close, and our life slowly transitioned. 

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1. Have a plan

Prepare and make a plan. If you write a goal down on paper vs keeping it in your head, you will spend more time dwelling on it, therefore it’s more likely you will meet your goal. If you have debt, write it down. Write the date you want to achieve your goal.

2. Move off grid

When you move off grid, you have released yourself from rent, a large mortgage, and utility bills. Without any of those extra payment you automatically have more freedom to pick up your belongings and drive to another state for a month( if thats what you really want). You have to remember that if you decide to get livestock, you will be more tied down. Think about that before you get your animals.

3. Irrational Decisions

If you have a running business, do not close it when you first move off grid. You have to be resourceful and try and find ways that your existing business can bring your income without you being there. You have to change your minds way of thinking. Even if you think your business is one that can’t survive without you, I am sure there is a way! Be creative. Talk to others.

There are also lots of blogs out there, how to start a blog or how to make money online. Now a days there are also a lot of remote jobs out there. Start thinking, writing your ideas down, and in time, you should find a way.

4. Eat healthy

I know the whole purpose to homestead is a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. If you move off grid, you don’t have to start a homestead right away. You have others around you, a homesteading community, that you can buy farm fresh eggs, fresh cow/goat milk, and local meat.


If you have a dream, fight for it. Dream big and never give up. Doors will start opening as soon as you open your mind.

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