Stay connected off grid – Community is important

by Veronika B

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What is your ending goal for moving off grid? You are most likely wanting to build a home of your own, debt free, start a homestead, and live more old fashioned on purpose. That all sounds amazing, in this post I want to remind you to stay connected when you are off the grid. After all one of the most important aspects of being off grid is your community. 

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Community is important 

Just like money is an essential TOOL for off grid life, community is an excellent tool for off grid living. Especially when you first move off grid. You might think you can do everything on your own, but having a community around you will be of great benefit.

If you have ability to be useful for the community, thats awesome. Most people that have just moved don’t really have that ability (but will in the near future). For now there are others that have lived there for a longer period of time and are set. They already built some shelters, they have livestock, etc. They are in a better situation to give to the community. You can buy farm fresh eggs from them, or milk. Sometimes they can even trade food. For example if they have beef and you have pork, you can trade and have both!

Our expereince:

The first thing we did when we first moved off grid, was research. We tried different peoples eggs until we found the right fit for us. Then we bought goats milk only to figure out we weren’t much of a goat milk family. We finally found our source and we can buy a gallon of raw fresh jersey cows milk for only $8! In stores as of right now HALF a gallon of half and half is $7.49. The raw milk came with a thick layer of cream and was oh so delicious.

We also found a local butcher. Same as the eggs we had to try different meat to decide which one we liked. It’s slightly higher in price vs store, but you are getting grass fed, local, no antibiotics beef. If you have a freezer, you can also buy the meat in bulk and save!

Better yet, if you can hunt for your meat, thats a win!!


Be resourceful!

Talk to people, get to know your community.

Don’t forget to smile and say HI!

Community is one of the most important aspects of living off grid.

Just because we live off grid doesn’t mean we don’t buy anything from the local store. We still shop. We still use the internet. We still love people. 

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