Kitchen Must Haves

by Veronika B

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Today I’m sharing my kitchen must haves. These items I use mostly every day.

#1 has to go to my Breville Espresso Machine. We use this multiple times a day. It’s not only for our morning coffee. You can also make hot chocolate for the kids by steaming some milk. You can make a cup of hot tea using the hot water function. My husband likes his americano while I like my coffee with half and half. You could also make lattes, mochas, and so much more. This is definitely a must have.

#2 If you like having tea more than coffee, I recommend an electric tea kettle. I can’t use my breville for tea only because I have to make a big pot of tea for my whole family. So I use this kettle to boil the water.

#3 is this teapot. Fun fact you can put it on stovetop and it will be safe. We have tried on an open fire as well.

#4 Along with the teapots, I like to recommend these cute small teacups. We use them for coffee as well.

#5 My air fryer. I use this thing every single day wether its heating up left over pizza or frying some drumsticks or making tilapia for dinner.

#6 My instant pot. I make soup couple times a week for my family and I mainly use my instant pot for soups… and rice. So if I’m making chili or borsch its going to be in my instant pot. Makes my life so much easier.

#7 My cast iron skillet. I tried using cast iron a while ago and I hated it, ended up selling it for super cheap at my garage sale. The guy who bought it was super excited for the deal he got. After doing research and seeing that almost everyone that lives on a homestead or a farm is using one, I needed to try again. NOW I use it everyday and I love it. It’s perfect for steaks and much much more.

#8 Along with my cast iron skillet I use the cast iron cleaner “the ringer”.

#9 Knives.

#10 Wooden cutting boards.

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